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Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments Carlyle Pant - Navy/Grey LC Stripe



The Engineered Garments Carlyle Pant features a simple design with one pleat, reminiscent of the traditional British style. Although roomy in the thigh they do taper down the leg giving them a unique silhouette. The design features an asymmetric back with one pocket that has a flap and one without.

55% Linen 45% Cotton / Made in U.S.A

S: Waist 84cm / Rise 32cm / Inseam 76cm / Hem width 20cm
M: Waist 88cm / Rise 33cm / Inseam 77cm / Hem width 20cm
L : Waist 45 Cm / Rise 34 Cm / Inseam 78cm / Hem Width 20 cm