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Needles x Baracuta G9 - Poly Jq. - Beige



A collaboration between Needles and iconic British brand Baracuta.

Reinterpreting the masterpiece G9 style whilst combining the features of both brands, this G9 Jacket is made from a polyester jacquard material produced by Needles, whilst staying traditional by using details such as the dog ear collar and umbrella yoke.  The mesh material of the lining adopts the "Fraser Tartan" pattern, which is also a symbol of Baracuta.

XS : Length 66cm / Width 58cm / Sleeve length 87cm

S: Length 67.5cm / Width 60.5cm / Sleeve length 88.5cm

M : Length 69cm / Width 63cm / Sleeve length 90cm

L : Length 70.5cm / Width 65.5cm / Sleeve length 91.5cm