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Needles H.D. Pant - Fatigue - Black



The unique silhouette makes the Needles H.D. Pant a popular item that is in the collection every season. With an exaggerated front created by darts sewn into the waist and hem, the almost 3-dimensional shape feels loose and is comfortable to wear. Features surplus front pockets and an adjustable waist with toggles to lock size.

100% Cotton / Made in Japan

XS: Waist 34cm / rise 38cm / inseam 60cm / hem width 24cm
S: Waist 37.5cm / rise 39cm / inseam 61cm / hem width 26cm
M: Waist 41cm / rise 39cm / inseam 62cm / hem width 29cm
L: Waist 43cm / rise 40cm / inseam 63.5cm / hem width 29cm
XL: Waist 46cm / rise 40cm / inseam 64cm / hem width 31cm
1: Waist 35.5cm / Rise 38cm / inseam 57.5cm / hem width 26cm
2: Waist 37cm / rise 39cm / inseam 59cm / hem width 27cm