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In Print Issue #17


Nepenthes In Print #17

The latest issue published by Nepenthes is out now.
Titled 'Dressed in Movies' - entirely dedicated to featuring "movies and fashion".

The main visual component, "REMIX", is a newly shot fashion story that pays homage to movie masterpieces, with actors Kenichi Takifuji and Nana Seino appearing as guest models.

『SERPICO』 starring Kenichi Takitoh / Directed by Masataka Hattori
『NIKITA』 starring Nana Seino / Directed by Satsuki Shimoyama
『ANNIE HALL』 Directed by Kenta Miyamoto
"A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT" Directed by Naoki Ikeda

<NEEDLES> Keizo Shimizu, <ENGINEERED GARMENTS> Daiki Suzuki talks about the 2022 Fall / Winter collection with the theme of movies, and a special contribution by columnist Atsushi Ide.