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Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments Knit Cardigan - Olive Diamond Poly Knit



The Engineered Garments Knit Cardigan is a more workwear based take on the ever classic cardigan silhouette. The cardigan has a slightly boxy fit, buttons up very high giving it the feel more of a jacket that a traditional cardigan. It features two front pockets.

100% Polyester / Made in USA

S: Length 60cm / Width 64cm / Shoulder width 55.5cm / Sleeve length 56cm
M : Length 63cm / Width 65cm / Shoulder width 56cm / Sleeve length 59cm
L: Length 65cm / Width 66cm / Shoulder width 57cm / Sleeve length 62cm
XL: Length 67cm / Width 67cm / Shoulder width 58cm / Sleeve length 65cm