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Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments Overalls - Olive Floral Print Ripstop



The Engineered Garments Overall, these are a most stylish overall with a wide relaxed fit in the leg, reminiscent of 50's workwear. They come up to chest height giving them lots of very interesting styling potential. The Overalls feature two front pockets, two back pockets and adjustable tabs for chest size and length.

100% Cotton / Made in USA

XS: Waist 58cm / Rise 65cm / Inseam 71.5cm / Hem Width 26cm
S: Waist 60.5cm / Rise 66cm / Inseam 72.5cm / Hem Width 26.6cm
M: Waist 62.5cm / Rise 67cm / Inseam 76cm / Hem Width 26.5cm