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Needles for Nepenthes London

Posted on May 23 2022

A very exciting collection expressly made for Nepenthes London and not available in any other stores. The tracksuit is put together in a heavyweight cotton material, the shape of both the crew neck and track pants are reminiscent of classic American brands that were adopted by the UK Underground scene towards the end of the 90s early 2000’s. 

The colours, although simple, feel suited to London and carry a ”wear everyday” feeling to them. These colours are a heather grey, featuring contrast tape and Papillon embroidery and black with black tape and grey Papillon embroidery.

The capsule is comprised of silhouettes ever present in the <NEEDLES> canon. These are the Crew Neck Track top, this has been altered slightly to be a wider fit, and the Zipped Track Pants.

Available Exclusively only at Nepenthes London!