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Needles x Baracuta

Posted on October 21 2021

Needles has created a Limited Edition dedicated Baracuta's iconic G9 jacket.

The two brands have always shared the same values, one of the most important of which is the continuous search for authenticity. Inspiration from the world of cinema and music is another element common to both brands, which have always been inextricably linked to the unforgettable Steve McQueen.

The world famous celebrity always wore Baracuta apparel in all seasons, both in his private life and in many of his famous films. McQueen's chest tattoo in the film “Papillion” inspired the famous Needles logo created 20 years ago by founder and designer Keizo Shimizu.

Needles X Baracuta blends the characteristics of the two brands in a surprising product that enhances the authentic fit jealously guarded in the Baracuta archives, revisiting it in a corduroy fabric with a Paisley print available in 5 colours. Given an eccentric touch by the colour combinations, the 5 styles perfectly express a Baracuta style and the unique artistic sensibility of Needles. Each jacket maintains all the distinctive features of Baracuta: the Fraser tartan lining, the two-button collar and the G9’s signature umbrella back yoke.